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Class Conduct

A dance class is a group activity that depends on certain ground rules for everyone's success.  Once the lesson begins, the basic protocol is that you come to class on time, alert, properly dressed and ready to dance.  These simple requirements are not mere etiquette but are vital to getting that full benefit of the dance class.  If you miss part of the warm-up, for example, you will not be physically or mentally prepared and you may risk injuring yourself later.  Once class has begun, listen carefully and try to keep your mind on what you are being taught.  This may be difficult when you first begin dancing, as many of the seemingly simple movements need to be repeated very often to get them right.

Your teacher is there to guide and assist you through difficult movements, but there are many ways in which you can help yourself in the respect.  For instance, don't be tempted to chat with your neighbor, for that means you are not listening to your teacher and you are also disturbing someone else's concentration. Stay alert, so that others' time isn't wasted by needless repetition of instruction.

Be sure not to become dependent on other students for they are a student too and they can make mistakes.  If you get over-dependent on following others, you'll never know how to do anything yourself.

Class Rules

*Students must attend class with proper uniform and shoes.

*NO street shoes allowed on the Dance Floor.

*No sitting, unless instructed by the instructor.

*No talking while instructor is speaking.

*No chewing gum or candy.

*No long dangling earrings, watches, rings, long necklaces, etc...

*No food and drinks is permitted on the studio floor.

*No running in the center unless directed to do so.

*No hanging on the barres.

*Use the restroom before class begins.

*Never walk through a class in progress, but walk around the perimeter of the classroom.

*If a dancer is disrupted to the class he/she will be asked to sit out until they can compose themselves.

*There will be time when the teacher will employ hands-on adjusting corrections to the students.

*Students are not to disrespect the instructor or their classmates.  This will not be tolerated, and the student may be asked to leave the class or terminate dance lessons if they keep persisting.

Although it requires tremendous effort, your dance class will also be fun and something to look forward to.

Parents Etiquette

If a parent at the studio is contributing in a negative fashion to the overall atmosphere of the studio, a particular class, or is any way attempting to manipulate a teacher or the owner, they will be asked to leave the studio immediately.  If the behavior continues they will be contacted via registered mail that their child has been dismissed from further classes.

If you have a problem or complaint, you must talk directly to the person who can solve it for you.  If you complain to the other parents they can not help you.  If you are truly unhappy with Dance Images and do not wish to rectify it, then Dance Images may not be the place for you.

 NO SMOKING near the front Entrance, Lobby, or in the Studio

Children must be attended to at all times in the lobby.  Keep noise to a bare minimum.

NO eating/drinking in the Lobby.

Drop Off/Pick Up Procedure

*Students are not to be dropped off before five (5) minutes of their scheduled class (unless approved in advance by the instructor). The instructor is preparing for class to begin.  Please do not disturb.

*Students will not be allowed to wait outside or in the lobby before their class or while waiting to be picked up unless their parent is in attendance.

*Students between the ages of three (3) to eight (8) will not be allowed out of the studio until a parent picks up the student near the studio entrance and these parents are to accompany them to the studio.

*Parents are asked to pick up student on TIME, unless an emergency arises.  Children tend to get very upset when parents are late.  If you will be late, please call.

Please do not knock and interrupt the class in progress unless an unexpected emergency where the student needs to be removed from class.


Parents are unable to observe their child's dance class throughout the year.  In my past experience, observation classes have interrupted the children's dance attention and have made children uncomfortable with other parents observing.  Children that are unable to attend dance class without their parents may be requested to skip the dance session until the child is mature enough to accept the separation.


Dance Images produces several different letters throughout the dance session.  These handouts are placed in your child's dance folder in the lobby.  They are loaded with lots of important information.  You will eventually need some of the information during the year.  I advise you after each dance class, check your child's dance folder if they received any information and then place it in a safe place so you can keep referring back to it.  Please remember, I can not phone everyone the night before due to my dance schedules.