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All Choreograph is at the discretion of the owner.  Dance Images will perform a fully costumed dance performance every other year. At the end of the designated dance session, there will be a technical performance for the students.  The performance or any other performance is the culmination of all that we have worked for throughout the year.  These performances are run as a professional production.

There will be one dress rehearsal before the performance.  Every rehearsal is mandatory to ensure a smooth performance and also to familiarize students with a new dance environment before the actual performance. If your child is sick, a doctor excuse must be presented to the owner/director to allow the child to dance in the performance.  It is to the discretion of the owner/director not to allow students to participate in the performance due to missed dress rehearsal.  Missing dress rehearsal has brought confusion to all of the students in the group. including the student that missed during the performance dance on stage.

Costumes: Students are invited to participate in our annual performance.  The cost is not included in tuition.  Students will be asked to buy costumes.

Costume Fees: A costume fee is charged for each costume for the annual performance.  Dance Images is required to order costumes as early as the end of November (other wise we may not get them in time).  Dance Images absolutely cannot order a costume if they are not paid in full at time of order.  Also, if you are behind of tuition payment, any money paid will be applied to tuition (of any other money past due) first and not costumes.  So please be up to date so Dance Images can order your costumes.

All costumes are non-returnable and all costume payments are non-refundable.  Additional information on costumes, rehearsals, and more about the performance will be provided well in advance.

Performance Fee: Each child/family is required to pay a performance fee, which covers your tickets to the performance.  Performance fee is non-refundable.

*All costumes and performance tickets will not be distributed until your child's tuition and late fees are paid up to date.  If all payments are not received before the performance rehearsal, then your child will be unable to participate in the annual performance.

Performance Program Book: The studio produces a program book at the end of the year.  This performance program book includes your child's picture in costume (if you sell the required amount of ads), ads (congratulating your child), award listing, activity pictures, and music program.

Performance Pictures: Performance pictures will be taken as soon as all classes receives one costume.  This is usually in the month of March/April.  Additional information on performance picture will be provided well in advance.

Ads: To have your child's picture in the program book, you must sell ads.  Students are not required to have their picture in the program book or sell ads.  This is optional. Additional information on ads will be provided well in advance.

*Program Books is a spectacular opportunity to recognize your children for their accomplishments and provide a memorable keepsake.

Other Performances

Conventions and competitions:  All choreograph is at the discretion of the owner.  Dance Images does not participate in numerous conventions and competitions throughout the year.  They can become costly in time, money, and detrimental to the overall development of the dancer.  Dance Images does participate in conventions/competitions, that you may be invited to participate in.  This is provided for our students to have an opportunity to experience and most important for fun.  They are also excellent opportunity to perform, meet world re-owned dancers and choreographers as well as learn from other studios and their students. 

Other Shows and Performance: Dance Images may also participate in various other shows and performances that you may be invited to participate in.  These other performances could include holiday shows, parades, benefit shows and other special events.  These special events will provide you with valuable dance experience and offer us the opportunity to increase awareness of the studio while giving back to the community.