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Dress Code

All students are required to adhere to the studio's dress code. The following dress code has been chosen to ensure the easiest and most comfortable attire to dance in.

The dress code creates the focus to stay on taking a good class rather than comparing dance wardrobes. Plus, baggy sweatshirts or sweatpants make it difficult to observe the dancers' bodies well enough to offer the technical corrections needed to build strong dancers. Straight knees and proper body alignment are hard to see underneath layers of baggy clothing.

Dance Class: (Girls)  Solid Black Leotard or Unitard with tights.  NO BAGGY SHORTS OR CLOTHING.  Biker shorts and skirts may be worn over leotard.  All students are to wear tights under their uniform - NO BARE LEGS. No Sequins, Pictures, or Personal Names on Leotards.

Jazz Class: (Girls)  Solid Black Leotard with Solid Black Jazz Pants and tights.  Jazz Pants must be at students ankles and are not to drag the floor.

Pointe Class: (Girls)  Solid Black Leotard with tights and Skirt.

Cheerleading: Solid Black Leotard with Biker Shorts or Dance Images' Logo Shorts. No Tights. You will need to purchase a Special Pair of Black Ankle Tennis Shoes to be worn ONLY in Cheer Classes. These shoes are not to be used for other outside activities. You are to treat these shoes just like your ballet, jazz, and tap shoes. You may also purchase the cheer shoes with Dance Images.

Hair Style:  All students should choose neat styles with long hair securely tied back.  No scrunchies holding hair.  Long fringes should be pinned back to show the face clearly.

Boy Dress Code:  Consist of Solid Black biker short for the summer, black fitted sweat pants for the winter, black fitted short sleeve tee shirt and black socks.  NO BAGGY SHORTS OR CLOTHING. Hair should be groomed neatly from the face 

*Students are required not to wear Dance Shoes TO and FROM the studio. Instructor reserves the right to deny student's participation in class if dance/cheer tennis shoes were worn outside and if the dress code is not respected.  Soil, Moisture, and Gravel will damage the Studio Dance Floor and the Student's Dance Shoes.


The following tights are accepted dancewear in the respective classes.  Pink, Black, and Beige Tights.  You will be notified what color tights is required for your class

Dance Shoes

The purchase of dance shoes is an important decision.  It is very important that all dance shoes are fitted properly.  Ill-fitting dance shoes can cause discomfort and even lead to injury.  While it may be tempting to buy shoes with "growing room", this really should be avoided. ---- You will be informed on what shoes your child will be recommended to wear to class as soon as your child's class is establish.

You may purchase studio Dancewear and Dance shoes through Dance Images.  Dancewear and Shoes can be ordered throughout the year.  Please contact Dance Images for Prices.