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Class Curriculum

Preschool to First Grade:  Students are taught combination classes once a week of ballet, tap, and creative movement, with some basic tumbling integrated into the schedule.  Emphasis is on creative movement, musicality, rhythms and timing, motor skill coordination, basic ballet technique, basic tap technique and classroom conduct. 

 Dance Class:   Students of second grade and up are taught combination classes once a week.  The classes consist of classical ballet and tap with the basic techniques to each emphasized.  Some basic Jazz Technique is integrated into the schedule if time permitted.  Ages 10 and up: Lyrical Ballet may be combined with Ballet Classes.  To the discretion of the instructor, the instructor will choose between Lyrical Ballet or Classical Ballet for the year end performance.

Jazz Class:   (Extra Classes) Students ages of six (6) and up are taught once a week. The Jazz curriculum emphasize on center warm up, technique across the floor and combinations.  Jazz technique develops coordination, balance, and control of the body.  Ages 12 and up: Hip Hop may be combined with Jazz Class.  To the discretion of the instructor, the instructor will choose between Jazz or Hip Hop for the year end performance.

 Pointe Class: (Extra Classes) Students need to be approved by instructor and must be 12 years of age or older.  The Pointe Curriculum emphasize on barre warm up, technique in center, technique across floor and combination.

Cheerleading: (Extra Classes) Students ages of Four (4) and up are taught once a week.  The Cheerleading curriculum emphasize on warm up, drills, chants, and pom dance.

Zumba Fitness Class: See the Zumba Link for more information.

Any of the above optional classes may be cancelled due to not an adequate amount of enrollment.  Student's age cut off date to join extra classes is October 1st.

Progressing in Class

If students are transferring to Dance Images from another studio, an class may be scheduled to determine their placement- generally at a level where the instructor feel they will be comfortable enough to show their true ability.  At Dance Images, progression in classes is based on variety of factors including both the age and skill level of the student.  Students will be placed according to the level of technique they can demonstrate in any given dance discipline, and with only the best intentions of the instructor.  Please be aware that not all dance studios have the same levels.  Each studio has their own syllabus/levels that they instruct.  Sometimes you may feel that you are not progressing quickly enough in class, but be patient and trust your instructor.  Doing too much, too early can be more physically dangerous than being held back a little.  Dance Images is concern that the student is placed at a level where they will be challenged, not frustrated.  Dance Images would rather move up a student than have them in a more advance class and have them move down. Students do not move up to the next level according to the amount of years that they have studied dance.  They must be able to execute proper technique for each movement to the fullest for that level.  Once the instructor or director has determined that the student is ready to move up then and only then will they be able to do so.  Some student may take several years and others only one according to natural ability, effort and practice.  POOR ATTENDANCE WILL AFFECT PROGRESSION.